The body you want 9x Faster.

EMS is the go-to choice for Celebrities, Athletes and Top CEOs.

Elevate Your Fitness

 If you are looking to get your best body, see improvements in your athletic abilities, or looking for the increased energy and mental acuity that fitness provides, RapidSculpt EMS training is for you.

Personal Fitness Profile

A personal approach means faster results for you. I create a program tailored specifically to your fitness level and realistic goals and adjust your workouts as you get more fit.

20X more effective than conventional strength training

Keep burning fat up to 72 hours post training

98% of muscle fibers activated

85 muscle contractions per second

What is RapidSculpt EMS

Originally designed for astronauts, EMS fitness is the smartest way to train. It’s 20X more effective than conventional strength training, easy on the joints, works for all fitness levels and goals, and takes only 20 minutes once or twice a week.

Rapidsculpt EMS delivers 85 muscle contractions per second that activate 98% of your muscle fibers. RapidSculpt EMS uses the most effective, FDA-approved fitness device in the world.

EMS is Used by Celebrities, Athletes, and CEOs including:

Heidi Klum – Supermodel, Host of Project Runway
Tom Holland – Actor, Spiderman
Usain Bolt – Sprinter, world record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 × 100 meters relay.
Alessandra Ambrossio – Model, Victoria’s Secret
Roger Federer – tennis player, 20 Grand Slam Men’s Singles titles
Bayern Munchen – Most Successful German Football Club in History
Elizabeth Hurley – Model, Actress
Rafa Nadal – Tennis player – 20 Grand Slam Men’s Singles titles
Ashley Graham – Model, Victoria’s Secret
Madonna – Singer
Romee Strijd – Model, Victoria’s Secret
Elsa Hosk – Model, Victoria’s Secret
Carice van Houten – Actress, Game of Thrones
John Legere – Businessman, Former CEO of T-Mobile US
David Haye – Professional Boxing Champion
Alina Baikova – Supermodel
Derek Fisher – 5-time NBA champion
Chuck Liddell – UFC Hall of Famer
Sergey Brin – Google Founder
Anthony Petruso – Pro-surfer
2 Chainz – Grammy Awarding Winning Rapper

Amy Minnick
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Amy Minnick


As a fitness instructor, I’ve spent years perfecting my craft and helping others achieve and exceed their health and fitness goals. I am the first fitness instructor in San Diego using the only FDA-approved EMS fitness equipment. Fitness is my passion, and I’m honored to share it with you.

What to Expect in an EMS Training Session

While wearing a special suit that delivers 85 muscle contractions per second while activating 98% of your muscle fibers, I take you through a series of movements based on your personal fitness profile.

Start now to get
the body you want 9x faster.

RapidSculpt is available in monthly packages. Choose between four, eight, or twelve EMS sessions per month. 


FireSculpt combines resistance and cardiovascular training to deliver a total-body workout that targets and tones all your major muscle groups while firing-up your metabolism. You would have to take three different classes to experience what FireSculpt delivers in one 35-minute online class!

Our FireSculpt fitness routine is a pre-choreographed total-body-blast that combines strength-training, plyometrics, and high-intensity interval training, available anytime.