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Hub City Fitness EMS pop-up event
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Join us at Fit Athletic Club downtown to experience EMS personal training—this is the Future of Fitness! EMS will help you get the body you want, faster! A single 20 minute session is equivalent to 3 hours of conventional strength training. During the training, you’ll wear a specially designed suit that uses low-frequency electrical impulses to activate over 90% of your muscle fibers. Your muscles will contract at a whopping 85 times per second while I guide you through functional exercises. This powerful technology is scientifically proven, FDA cleared and suitable for all fitness levels and ages 18+. Your body has never experienced anything like this! Space is limited, so sign-up today! Training can be done while wearing athletic shoes or barefoot. Please bring a towel and water. Get ready for the toughest 12-minutes of your week!

Fit Athletic Club
350 Tenth Avenue
San Diego 92101
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Email: [email protected]


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