Founder & Fitness Coach

Amy Minnick

As a former collegiate basketball player, I am no stranger to exercise. However, after college, I was plagued by unhealthy eating habits, minimal exercise and decreased motivation. Because of this, I suffered from high blood pressure, severe acne and a 30-pound weight gain. Uncomfortable in my own body, I decided it was time to squash the self-pity and do something! I vividly recall walking into my local gym for the first time and feeling intimidated by the atmosphere, equipment and fit people. Unsure of where to start and embarrassed of my body, my workout routine consisted of using a variety of complex machines and seeing minimal results. My eating habits had improved, but my physique remained mostly unchanged. I became unmotivated with my boring and redundant workout routine and began looking for alternative activities. A few times, I’d walked past the group fitness room and observed the exercise classes. These classes appeared energized and a lot of fun so I decided to try a few. This decision changed my life! Exercising in a group setting was perfect for me. The instructors were enthusiastic and encouraging; classes were suitable for all fitness levels and best of all, within a few weeks, my body started to change. After attending countless fitness classes, I decided to become a certified fitness instructor. As a fitness instructor, I’ve spent years perfecting my craft and helping others achieve and exceed their health and fitness goals. FireSnake Fitness’ FireSculpt classes combine resistance and cardio training to tone all major muscle groups and significantly improve strength and endurance. Dumbbells are used to build lean muscles while cardio bursts boost the metabolism. The classes are suitable for all fitness levels and modifications are offered for most exercises. Instructors and members will experience exciting, well-rounded workouts that focus on strength training, functional movement, plyometrics and more. More recently, I’ve become a licensed Whole Body Electro-Muscle-Stimulation (WB-EMS) trainer. WB-EMS technology has accelerated my and my clients’ results and delivers visible changes quickly–no gimmicks, just results. No one will work harder for you than I will, so let’s get started and succeed together! This is my passion and I’m honored to share it with you.

Firesnake Testimonial quote

[Fire Sculpt] is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational.I really enjoy her personal technique she includes with each exercise! My body always feels like it's had a thorough workout. I always look forward to her classes and I can't recommend her enough!

Firesnake Testimonial quote

I really enjoy Amy’s Fire Sculpt workouts. I was first very nervous to start her program but after I took my first class with Amy, she gave me the confidence and support I needed to continue this journey and I really appreciate her kindness and support. Her Total Body Conditioning routines are so much fun and a positive challenge and I appreciate her so much, more than she’ll ever know!

Jen Chapman

Mya Slagle